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Ask a Dog Trainer: Why Do Some Dogs Guard?

Resource guarding is one of the most talked about topics by trainers, but many dog owners are still in the dark when it comes to knowing what exactly it is and why dogs do it. In fact, many owners living with a resource guarder do not really understand what that …

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VIDEO: Horses Pull Truck Out of Snow

A stuck truck gets help from a farmer and a group of horses. Joel Appleman was driving to work in Central Pennsylvania when he came upon an Amish horse team pulling a tanker truck safely out of the snow. Fortunately, he had his camera and captured the conquest of old …

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Graduate Research Assistants

Professors, academic departments, and other campus offices may offer graduate students temporary employment, often under contract, that provides benefits such as tuition and/or fee waivers, a stipend, child care assistance, and health/vision/dental insurance. The work is usually considered half-time or less (10-20 hours per week). You can find a wide …

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