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Semi overturns after being struck by airborne car

Two people were injured after a car went airborne and torpedoed into a tractor trailer earlier this week.

The incident happened in Pocatello, Idaho, around 10:20 AM on Thursday.

According to local media reports, the car driver, 26-year-old James Scott, was traveling on Interstate 15 and tried to take an on-ramp onto Interstate 86, but left the roadway, barreling through a dirt median before going airborne.

The airborne vehicle then struck a tractor trailer hauling hay, causing it to overturn.

Both the car driver and the trucker, 62-year-old Eddy Chapman, were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. The extent of their injuries haven’t been released.

“This is a good reminder that, you know, the semi-truck here was driving down the road and he didn’t expect a car to come literally flying through the air into the side of his truck,” Idaho State Police trooper Sgt. Andrew Nakashima told reporters.

“So it’s a good idea when you are driving to devote your full attention to the road to get where you are going safely and to always wear your seatbelt, because you never know when things are just going to happen,” he added.

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