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Tractor trailer crosses median, causes wreck with three other semis

A semi truck lost control in Florida on Friday morning, veering across a median and into oncoming traffic, causing a wreck with three other tractor trailer.

The accident occurred on December 29th at approximately 5:30 A.M. in Weston, Florida.

According to the Florida highway Patrol, a semi truck was traveling south on US Highway 27 when the driver lost control for unknown reasons, sending the rig veering through the median and into the northbound lanes of US 27. A tanker truck traveling on the northbound side of the highway then swerved to avoid the wayward semi truck, causing the tanker to overturn, landing in the median and rupturing the tank, spilling oil across the roadway. Two more semi trucks then collided with the trailer of the out-of-control semi truck.

Miraculously, none of the unidentified truck drivers were injured in the major accident, but US 27 was shut down in both directions north of Interstate 75 for several hours as crews worked to clear the wreckage, reported CBS Miami.

“We had a semi tractor-trailer heading southbound on U.S. 27 when, for some reason, still under investigation, the driver lost control and came across the median into the northbound lanes,” said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Alvaro Feola.

“We had another tractor-trailer that was unable to avoid and braked and turned to the left and overturned in the median. That’s the tanker you see up there with the fuel leak… Once the tanker overturned we had two more tractor trailers that were traveling northbound collided with a trailer of the truck that was heading southbound,” Feola continued.

A foam blanket was used to contain any flammable vapors and the fuel from the tanker truck had to be transferred to another vehicle before the rig could be taken away. All 4 trucks have since been righted, the crash site cleared, and the road reopened.

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